We have all been collectors for as long as we can remember. Whether we were trading baseball cards with our friends, collecting shells by the sea as kids or spending hours searching for that perfect rustic side table for the living room, we have always been and always will be ‘collectors’. With modern technology giving us easier ways to socialize and connect with each other, what can we do to make it easier for us collectors to connect with each other?

At Collect-to-Connect.com, we have created a social networking platform intended for all collectors, buyers, and sellers to come together in one simple space and we are excited to be launching the ideal collector’s website! These like-minded individuals will have the abilities to connect with other collectors from across the globe. Rather than scouring various online selling platforms full of ads, rummaging through football-field-sized flea markets or the endless number of auctions, we have brought all these forms of marketplaces to one convenient social media platform. Making your purchase that much more unique!

Collectors will be able to search through other collectors’ photos and item information as well as being able to connect socially with others. Making buying and selling a much easier process and just as friendly and personal as in real life. This platform will also open the doors to one of a kind items that were not on buyers radars or previously accessible in the past. The future of collecting online is very close so why not jump on board now and join our platform!

Your profile is a good way to keep a journal of what you collect along with images and articles you post. This a great way to catalog your collection.  Members can search other community profiles to connect with other collectors, discover treasures, determine values, exchange information and make friends. 

Although there is not fee to join Collect to Connect we do accept donations to help manage the platform.

Join the movement of collecting and get started today!